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concours pour rencontrer amel bent 50 Shades of Reality
by skyblog rencontre goudou at 2/13/2015 5:12:31 AM

Realistically. None of us will be 30-something $Billionaires. None of us will be model gorgeous, thin curvy daughters of movie stars. So that media driven piece of crap that premieres tomorrow (yes I am jealous of the so-called author)- puts into the heads of women; mostly, that what they have is no longer good enough. That is sad. I hope that anyone willing to walk away from the older, heavier, less wealthy partner they have in search of Ms. Steele or Mr. Grey will instead- re-commit themselves to wanting what they have. If spicing it up with a blindfold and some safe rope play will make you appreciate them more then by all means-learn first, be safe and have fun. But don't chase the bullcrap that the media is trying to shove down your throat. A Dominant teddy bear? Really. Sex toys in Target? Resist.


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2/13/2015 6:03:54 AM

Nice blog Barry. Good morning to you!

rencontre loyettes
2/13/2015 6:34:47 AM

I am guessing you didn't read the books and have made a snap outsider judgement on the situation. The books were an interesting ride that help women explore how they really feel without guilt. Myself, I wouldn't buy any of those things (I hear the bear is 89 bucks!) But if it lightens her heart and tears down the walls of women's sexual repression I am all for it. We are sexual beings and you have to admit our culture makes it unladylike to be open about such things. Kudos to a man that understands this and welcomes more open discussion, if it takes mainstreaming the issue, I say go for it.

rencontre one night
2/13/2015 8:14:08 AM

I would never go see that crap.

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2/14/2015 6:08:54 AM

Great blog -- starting with the title!