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Quote from tardsmasher2:
It’s normal drivers too has anyone else noticed how bad the panhandling has gotten at QT and some of the other mega gas statio...
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Well,We had an idea this was coming but I think this might just be the tip of the iceberg.Congress should cut off any and all tax payer money that goes towards anything with a NFL label on it.They sho...
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I support free speech and the right to protest. I served our country. But there is an appropriate time, place, and venue. During the National Anthem is not the time, place, or venue. These icons have ...
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We all should learn to be aware of everything that goes on around us at all times.I urge everyone to checkout David Grossmans' works.What he can teach you can very well save your life!

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It's to bad there isn't more movie,TV and bands like KISS.I'm not really a big KISS fan although I used to sing some of their songs at Karaoke ever once in a while but on this I'm with them 110%.Keep ...
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Well it's about time some did this test.The results were as expected,Women don't belong in combat!

Semper Fi !!!

The Marine corps recently released the results of an experiment that...
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Quote from ludlowlowell:
Women do not belong in the U.S. military, medical personnel and critical M.O.S.s excepted. It is enormously expensive to main...
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I couldn't agree more with this letter by Ray Starmann!

Semper Fi !!!

To the hatemongers of Antifa:

You’ve had quite a run spreading violence across our nation in the past f...
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This Marine is right on the money! There are many who will take up arms to defend this country and all it stands for.Many of us did it before and we will do it again.
like the Marine that wrote th...
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This Marine is right on the money! There are many who will take up arms to defend this country and all it stands for.Many of us did it before and we will do it again.
like the Marine that wrote th...
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Leftists have no idea who they are f**king with, but they will soon. Fact is, if patriots weren't so busy working and making something of their lives, they would gladly eliminate the leftists to make ...
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These a**holes are just about a step away from getting their shit blown away.It will not be much longer till we start seeing anyone at these rallies wearing black masks and hoods lying in the streets ...
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Antifa you have called war on American. You are now the enemy of America and you no longer are protected by any laws or constitution State are Federal of America and there by your declared war any Ame...
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It is interesting to note that CEOs have such foggy thinking such as this. Macy's and Starbucks had significant revenue loss and stock losses after making such a position public. A lot of people voted...
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