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Single Women Longview, Washington, WA, Black Hair, Brown Eyes
 Location:rencontre producteurs restaurateurs site de rencontre bourgoin jallieu
 Zip Code:98632
 Age:35, Capricorn
 Height:5 ft. 0 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Black, Brown
 Politics:Not quite sure
 Education:Some College
 Income:Didn't Say
 Job:Didn't Say
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:Yes, living with me
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About Me
Here we go again... First and for most.. I love God. And I desire to please Him. I am far from perfect. I am definitely a learner in progress, but I try my best to follow His ways even when I fail over and over. He's taught me what True Love really is. He never gives up on me and He always keeps His promises. He is patient and kind. As well as just and willing to correct. He is perfect. What more can I ask for? ... Still He's placed on my heart a desire for a partner and a best friend who loves God just as much as I do. Thus here I am hoping to find such a man...

In that light, I guess it wouldn't hurt to mention what I'm looking for. For all the men who get frustrated with women who don't know what they want, I'm here to tell you what I want, so not to waste your time or mine. With that all said, here's what I want in a man:

-someone who fears and loves God
-someone who lives for the glory of God and not of the flesh
-someone who prays alone as well as with me
-someone who desires to please God
-someone who tries hard not to give into temptation
-someone who doesn't see the world as grey, but as black and white
-someone who has a good sense of right and wrong
-someone who has good moral values
-someone who enjoys studying the Word alone as well as together
-someone who has a heart of repentance
-someone who goes to church and is actively involved
-someone who isn't afraid to worship The Lord
-someone who is forgiving
-someone who is loving
-someone who is kind
-someone who is patient
-someone who has self-control
-someone who is faithful and committed
-someone who is honest
-someone who thoughtful
-someone who is humble
-someone who is emotional
-someone who has a genuine and pure heart
-someone who challenges me
-someone who makes me a better person
-someone who encourages me
-someone who never gives up
-someone who wants to make a difference in the world
-someone who is a hard worker
-someone who is smart
-someone who is independent
-someone who has their own place
-someone who is financially stable
-someone who doesn't make money an issue
-someone who has a good family
-someone who is romantic
-someone who writes letters
-someone who opens the door for me
-someone who will love me from the inside out
-someone who I can spend the rest of my life with
-someone who never loses their love for me
-someone who is attentive
-someone who is passionate
-someone who isn't afraid of being affectionate in public
-someone who makes me feel like I'm the only girl that matters
-someone who makes me feel loved, safe, and beautiful
-someone who puts effort into the relationship
-someone who loves to cuddle
-someone who is a good kisser
-someone who likes to hold hands
-someone who likes to play with my hair
-someone who likes to give back rubs
-someone who calls me beautiful
-someone who loves to talk
-someone who is a good story teller
-someone who won't go a day without some form of communication
-someone who is attractive
-someone who is in good health
-someone who doesn't smoke
-someone who doesn't swear
-someone who makes me laugh
-someone who is full of surprises and loves to surprise me
-someone who "Wows" me
-someone who is a gift giver
-someone who is adventurous
-someone who likes to try new foods
-someone who own their own vehicle
-someone who loves to take me places
-someone who loves to travel to different cities and countries
-someone who enjoys nature and being surrounded by it
-someone who has a small circle of friends, mostly guy friends
-someone who doesn't need to be surrounded by people, but can just enjoy "us"
-someone who can just enjoy being together even in the silence
-someone who is my best friend
-someone who shares common interest
-someone who loves kids
-someone who likes to play board/card games
-someone who lives fairly close to me
-someone who has the ability to possibly build a house together
-someone who can play the guitar
-someone who can cook

And there you have it.. It's a lengthy list, but it just may be worth putting it out there... So, if by chance you can say yes to close to everything on my list, by all means shoot me a message..

For all those who can't quite say yes to my list, Good luck and may God bless you in your search.

Want To Find:A man ages 28 to 34 to date
I Like:
church, God, Jesus

My Gifts
RoseBox of Chocolates